The Box of Secrets is a shop in Knothole Island in Fable II's first DLC.

This shop functions differently than most in the way that money is not used, but rather various items like Necklaces are traded in exchange for secret items. The shop also purveys such items as Hal's rifle, a replica of the assault rifle featured in Halo.

Acquiring all the items in the shop will unlock the achievement The Collector.


Item Shop Description Type Cost Availability
Brodican Mace Barbaric weapon Weapon (Blunt) Regal Purple Dye After Huge Heat
Chasm Outfit Vile Attire Armour Crucible Peanuts x2 After Big Freeze
Wretcher's Blade An evil weapon Weapon (Cutting) Crunchy Chick x3 After Big Freeze
Axe of Disharmony A weapon of note Weapon (Cutting) Lute x2 After Huge Heat
Judge's Steel A saintly weapon Weapon (Cutting) Monk Robes After Huge Heat
Brodican Warrior Queen Outfit Barbaric Garments Armour Murgo's Big Book of Trading x2 After Big Freeze
Hal's Rifle A rare ranged weapon Weapon (Bullet) Pure Experience Extract After Huge Heat
Staff of Wrath A strong-willed weapon Weapon (Blunt) Diamond After Huge Heat
Greaser Wig A stylish accessory Clothing (Headgear) Eternal Love Ring After Big Freeze
Knothole Island Skirt A sexy garment Clothing (Lower Body) Marriage and How to Survive It Upon first arrival
Black Wheel Gang Outfit Rebellious Costume Clothing (Outfit) Pretty Necklace Upon first arrival
Assassin Outfit Murderous Attire Clothing (Outfit) Puny Carrot x2 Upon first arrival
Cascading Hair A lovely hairdo Hairstyle Table Wine x2 Upon first arrival

Locations of Required ItemsModifier

Item Location
Regal Purple Dye Travel to Fairfax Gardens and check the travelling merchants for the Clothing one. Also found in the upper hall of a cottage in the Snowglobe (See the Future DLC)
Crucible Peanuts x2 As the name suggests, travel to Westcliff's food trader.
Crunchy Chick x3 Found most commonly at one of Bloodstone's food traders. Food Traders in Fairfax Gardens always carry one.
Lute x2 Knothole Island's Miscellany Stall or Bowerstone's Big Pile of Stuff.
Monk Robes Clothing stall in Oakfield near The Sandgoose.
Murgo's Big Book of Trading x2 Bowerstone Market's book store, "Fiction Burns".
Pure Experience Extract Travelling Potion Trader in Fairfax Gardens, sometimes found at Potion in Motion in Bowerstone Market.
Diamond Most Jewellery stores, if you own Fairfax Castle the dressers in the bedroom sometimes give them out.
Eternal Love Ring Most Jewellery stores, if you own Fairfax Castle the dressers in the bedroom sometimes give them out.
Marriage and How to Survive It Bookstore, "Fiction Burns", in Bowerstone Market. Sometimes found at the Jewellery store.
Pretty Necklace Travelling Gift Trader is most common, check gift stalls and jewellers as well.
Puny Carrot x2 Food Stalls unless your economy is higher than two stars (Any town). Aside from killing people or raising rent to lower economy, you can also find them in the dressers inside the abandoned houses in the Drowned Farm area of Wraithmarsh.
Table Wine x2 Drink stalls and Bars. "The Cow & Corset" bar in Bowerstone Market has it most of the time.

Important Hints/Tricks

Having patience is very important! Sometimes it takes a few hours to find some items.

  • Some vendors won't have the specific item you're looking for, in order to restock them you can sleep 7 days, and check again.
  • Sleeping 7 days usually resets the travelling traders as well, if you found the travelling clothing vendor but he/she doesn't have the dye and you own Fairfax Castle, you can ask them to follow you into the bedroom where you can sleep for 7 days to restock them.
  • You can check the actual book shelves in "Fiction Burns" to find some books. If you don't own the store, this is stealing, so be careful.
  • Make sure to buy 2 Lutes, to make 3 total, so you don't end up having to look for another for personal use.

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