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Chambre du destin
Part of the Heroes' Guild
Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters
Fable II
Location Information
Quêtes présentes Fable and TLC:
Guild Training
Battle Jack of Blades
Fable II:
The Journey Begins

Selon le Maître de la Guilde , la Chambre du Destin est la plus ancienne partie de la Guilde des Héros . La Chambre elle-même est une immense salle circulaire. Le centre de la salle est légèrement surélevé, des marches permettant de monter. La Chambre du Destin apparaît aussi bien dans Fable que dans Fable II .

Fable Modifier

In the first Fable, the Chamber of Fate serves a number of purposes. We first see it when The Hero of Oakvale finishes his Guild Training and receives his Guild Seal, along with Whisper. As you progress through the game you will see pictures of your important accomplishments on the walls of The Chamber of Fate. From there, the Chamber is unused until the Battle Jack of Blades quest, where the Hero battles Jack of Blades in his human form. After Jack is defeated, a swirling vortex appears at the highest elevation of the floor. The Hero has a choice as to whether to cast The Sword of Aeons into the vortex or kill his sister Theresa with the sword.

Fable II Modifier

In Fable II, the Chamber of Fate is but a ghost of its former self with much of the floor missing and the walls crumbling down due to the battle between Jack of Blades and the Hero of Oakvale, and also possibly due to the centuries that had passed. The paintings along the wall tell the tale of the Hero of Oakvale. When the Hero of Bowerstone first encounters it, Theresa shows them how to use their Will powers. Many other quests require the Hero to come back here in order to meet the other Heroes in their quest to fight Lucien Fairfax.

The frescoes on the wall in Fable II indicate that the Hero of Oakvale was a "good" hero, and not an "evil" one. This helps support the theory that the book entitled "The Hero of Oakvale" is inaccurate as it states he carried the Sword of Aeons, but a good hero would not kill family for a sword. This may be inaccurate because the Sword of Aeons and the Avo's Tear looks almost the same apart for the colour. Or the Hero took the sword from Jack, killed him with it, and then threw it into the vortex.

Another of the images on the walls shows Jack's manipulation of the events of Fable, however in the original game, the Hero's mother was on the right and Theresa was on the left. During Fable II, they have been switched. The image of the village burning had also evidently been inverted.

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