The Child Protection Agency is a company in Fable II that takes your child/children if your spouse is killed. Nothing in Fable II is said about the Agency, except that they have taken you child immediately after your spouse's death. You cannot locate the Agency either, so their position in Fable II is unknown. Probably the agency doesn't exist in Fable III because Logan uses children in the factories.


  • You cannot reclaim your children after the Agency has collected them.
  • It is impossible to take care of your children without a spouse. Or, no matter what you do, the Agency will still take your children after your spouse's death.
  • Once your children are taken by the Agency, you will most likely not see them ever again in Fable II.
  • As you can have kids in Fable III with friends online it is probable that you will be able to be a single parent,
  • The Hero of Fable III will probably have Babysitters/Nannies to look after his/her children as the Hero is royalty, who, in the past, have rarely look after children by themselves.

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