Diamond of Sorrow
Type Gem
Source Nightmare Hollow - Brightwood Tower

The Diamond of Sorrow, one of the three Divinity Gems, is a valuable Diamond received by defeating the waves of enemies sent by Chesty in Nightmare Hollow. It has a value of 100,000 gold. The description notes that the gem is in fact a piece of Chesty's very heart, which was broken after you chose not to be his super best friend forever. It is obtained during the Brightwood Tower quest.


  • The gem has the power to heal all scars and the curse received from the Shadow Court in Reaver's quest, 'The Hero of Skill' However, this may be a glitch due to the switching between character models, as it is not explicitly stated by the game or Lionhead to intentionally do this.
  • To sell for the most gold, seek out a gifts trader in Fairfax Gardens. Remove the fear discount by making them laugh using various expressions, and then make them hate you (this will mark up their prices). Alternatively, you can cause a shortage in a town by going on crime sprees and ruining the economy.


  • It is possible to get two of these diamonds, the first before you complete Retribution and the second after completing Retribution.

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