Guild Cave
Cave in Bower Lake
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The Guild Cave is the first hostile area visited by the Hero of Bowerstone, and remains an important location throughout the story of Fable II. It also is the smallest region in the game.

The cave is all that remains of the Heroes' Guild; the only intact area is the Chamber of Fate. It is here that the hero meets with Theresa and the other heroes as they plot to defeat Lucien.

There is a chest in the Chamber of Fate, next to the Cullis Gate, which contains items left behind by the hero's ancestors. These include the "Otherworldly Content" items found in the Limited Collector's Edition of the game, and other unlockable content accessed by completing the puppet show story on the game's web site (can be completed multiple times for different prizes). Note that though there are five such items, you can only acquire a maximum of 2 of them, depending on your choices during the story.

There is also a part of the cave where stone can be broken; this area is found in the region where there seems to be bridges. Here you can also find three bodies on the ground. When examined you will find a letter that shows they were treasure hunters. Their names were Erik, Brendan and Drake. They were planning to find a big treasure and kill the other two. Drake is the only one that succeeded in this endeavor. In the end he decided to commit suicide and threw the treasure into the lake. If you look in the water for a rippled area you will find the treasure, which is a Bewitching Augment. This only happens if you obtain all three documents.

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