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The Guild Seal is a small coin-shaped object that symbolizes the graduation of a Hero from the Heroes' Guild. It can also be used to teleport around Albion through Cullis Gates, as long as the hero has activated the Cullis Gate beforehand. In addition, it enables the Guildmaster to communicate with the Hero at any time.

Fable Modifier

The Guild Seal is used by several characters in Fable.

  1. The Hero of Oakvale has one to get updated and to communicate with the Guildmaster.
  2. Scythe also used one, but not much is known what he used it for. It is known that he destroyed his when he travelled to the Northern Wastes. The reason for this is also unknown, but there are signs that he did it so that Maze couldn't follow him.
  3. Briar Rose, Thunder and other heroes constantly use it to teleport from one place to another.

There is also a variant used by the henchmen to teleport with you. But the item used for that is still unknown.

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There is even a second variant used to teleport guards and trainee heroes into the battle to help the Hero when Jack of Blades is trying to activate each of the four Focus sites.

Fable II Modifier

In Fable II the Guild Seal is given to the Hero of Bowerstone by Theresa at the beginning of the game. It is used to unlock the door to the Guild Caves. It is also used by Theresa to talk to the Hero.

Fable IIIModifier

The Hero of Fable III also has a Guild Seal and it has been confirmed that Jasper will be able to commuinicate with him/her just like Weaver (the Guildmaster) and Theresa.

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