Heroes' Hill
Area of Bower Lake
Location Information
Quêtes présentes Retribution

The Heroes' Hill is a large hill located next to Bower Lake. It is above the Guild Cave.

Fable II Modifier

You can get here during the main quest in Fable II. A Cullis Gate can be found in the centre of the hill which leads to The Chamber of Fate. The Heroes' Hill is where the ritual in which the heroes of Strength, Will and Skill put their power into the Hero, so he can retrieve the Relic to defeat Lucien. After this, the quest A Perfect World will begin.

When you return here after you've defeated Lucien, regardless of your choice, a grave for your dog can be found.

Fable III Modifier

Heroes' Hill will, in some form, appear in Fable III. It has been seen in concept art and actual game footage. It is believed to be in Millfields, which is rumoured to be the name of the village founded alongside Bower Lake

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