Last Beacon
Area of the Celestial Keep
Location Information

The Last Beacon is a tower located in the Celestial Keep region of the See the Future Downloadable Content for Fable II. The tower is identical in design to those that can be found in Bower Lake, Brightwood, Bandit Coast and Westcliff, except for the fact that the exit is via Cullis Gate. The area appears to be located in Albion's eastern mountains, for if you were to look over the edge of the tower, you can make out some familiar landmarks, including Bowerstone and Fairfax Castle, as well as Brightwood Tower.

Trivia Modifier

  • Standing at the edge of the platform while looking back towards yourself and slightly downwards, a teddy bear holding a wine bottle and chalice is visible but there is no way to reach it.
  • A chest in the beacon contains the Ethical Green Dye.
  • There is a way to glitch your way behind the chest with the Ethical Green Dye, and if you jump down to a green forest, there is a secret gravestone saying "Congratulations! You have delved into the secret heart of the Keep, and emerged victorious". In order to get out of the secret area, there is a flower working like a door or cullis gate.

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