In Fable II, the player can equip both a melee and a ranged weapon, and can use either alternately by pressing the assigned button, allowing them to quickly switch between them during combat. Players cannot, for example, change out one melee weapon for another melee weapon without accessing the game's menu. To further increase their power, players can find and buy augments to any weapon that has an empty augment slot.

Children's SeriesModifier

Melee WeaponsModifier

Melee Weapons Damage vs Speed TableModifier

  Fastest Faster Fast Normal Slow Slower Slowest
  Katanas Cutlasses Longswords Cleavers Maces Axes Hammers
Rusty   19.0   20.0   18.0   21.0   23.0   25.0   27.0
Iron   27.0   28.5   30.0   31.5   34.0   37.5   40.5
  Championship Cutlass 28.5            
Steel   48.0   50.0   53.0   55.0   61.0   66.0   71.0
    Wreckager 65.0 Maelstrom 58.0 Rising Sun 61.0 Calavera 67.0   Hammerthyst 78.0
    Judge's Steel 71.0       Chopper 86.0    
Master   71.0   75.0   79.0   83.0   91.0   99.0   107.0
  Daichi 96.0 Wretcher's Blade 75.0     Royal Sceptre 90.0 Axe of Disharmony 99.0    
          Brodican Mace 91.0      
                  Staff of Wrath 91.0        

Ranged WeaponsModifier

Legendary WeaponsModifier



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