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Source General Goods Stores

A lute is an instrument in Fable II that when played increases good points. It is also very useful for making people like you, as it gives a great bonus. It is possible for the Lute expression to be extended.

Fable III Modifier

In Fable III it has been hinted that you or NPCs can use lutes as weapons, in the E3 trailer one may see a soldier swinging one at the Hero. [1]

Notes Modifier

  • A lute is needed for the Bloodstone Demon Door.
  • The Lute is generally inexpensive, around a hundred gold or so, give or take from the economy, hero opinion and sales or shortages.
  • They can be found in general stores, gift stalls and gift traders.
  • The hero plays the lute left handed, which hints he is left handed, although he uses a sword and pistol right handed.
  • It could be he plays with his left hand when he is right handed to impress listeners.

Description Modifier

A musical instrument which brings joy to all around.

References Modifier


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