Plimpington Manor is a home in Bowerstone Market in Fable II. The Manor is located next to Bit of Skirt, which, in turn, is next to the Bowerstone Blacksmith, Up in Arms. Plimpington Manor is a rather small home, with few decorations and damaged walls, although a chest containing a Sleepy Bean Java Potion is on the second level of the house.

Stats Modifier

Base value: 9,600 gold
Stars: two stars
Address: 1 Posh Street, Bowerstone
History: Once owned by the Plimpington family, who counted amongst its members three of the most charming and good-looking people in Albion. Though the parents weren't much to look at, their son and two daughters turned heads wherever they went.
Bonuses: Animal Magnetism

Furniture Modifier

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