Safety Mode is something on your expression wheel that was introduced in Fable II and allows you to attack civillians. In Fable II, you obviously cannot kill villagers or small things like bunnies, but if you turn the Safety Mode off, they will glow red instead of purple and you can kill them. There is an achievement called The Hunter that is given to anyone that kills a bunny with Safety off. To turn Safety Mode off, you go to the expression wheel and go to the icon that has a white skull with a red line crossed over it. Activate it and any villager or living thing will glow red meaning that they are able to kill. On the quick expressions list (which is the D-PAD for Xbox 360 for example), there is always the expression to turn Safety Mode back on by pressing the down button on the D-PAD. Killing villagers will result in giving you evil points, guards attacking you if you have multiple kills, and more people hating and fearing you.

Trivia Modifier

  • It was most probably included due to the fact it was easy to accidentally kill villagers in the original games.
  • You can kill bunnies with Safety Mode off, but you surprisingly can only kill birds with a crossbow with Safety Mode off.

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