18px Cet article parle de the location. Pour the members of the court, voir Shadow Judges.
Shadow Court
Tomb in Wraithmarsh
Location Information
Quêtes présentes Returning the Dark Seal
Ennemis Shadows

The Shadow Court is a location in Wraithmarsh. You need the Dark Seal from Reaver to enter. This is where shadows make their first appearance in the game. It is home to the Shadow Judges.


After the rebuilding of Oakvale after the Bandit Raid a young man from this village made a deal with the Shadow Judges. This man gained eternal life, but lost all his friends and his lover as the people of Oakvale were killed. This young man named himself after these events Reaver. Oakvale and Barrow Fields were consumed by the marshes of Darkwood. This gigantic swamp was called "Wraithmarsh", which became infested with many evil creatures like Hollow Men and Banshees.

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During the quest Returning the Dark Seal The Hero of Bowerstone ventures into the Shadow Court to "return" the Dark Seal. He/She meets the Shadow Judges in a gigantic well made of tombs. As it seems Reaver has to continue sacrificing other people to remain young himself. Reaver intended that the Hero of Bowerstone's would be given to the shadows. A girl, Elizabeth, has accidentally teleported herself to the Shadow Court. The Hero of Bowerstone can choose to either sacrifice his/her own or Elizabeth's youth. However the central Judge mentions that Reaver cannot always sacrifice people and that one day, when the sacrifices stop, they will come for him.

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The Shadow Court also features in the Snowglobe. Here it is the source of the colourless curse. Shadow Worshippers are found inside the complex. Inside is also a tree with the book The Grumpy Rabbit. To get inside you have to have freed all the villagers and received the Red Seal from Madame Ursulla. The Shadow Judges or the "tomb well" are not seen here.


  • The central Judge has a sprite similar to Theresa's, which has caused much fan speculation.
  • They are not to be confused with The Court, the group of beings from the Void.

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