Shelley Crypt
Cave in Bowerstone Cemetery
Location Information
Quêtes présentes Cemetery Mansion
Ennemis Hollow Men

The Shelley Crypt located in Bowerstone Cemetery is one of many caverns or caves in Albion. The area is only accessible once the Hero has completed the Love Hurts quest and chooses to purchase the Cemetery Mansion.

After purchasing the manor, the Hero is given a note and a set of keys from the Gravekeeper. The note explains that the keys are used to unlock the gate leading to Shelley Crypt, and that the Hero may explore the area thus unlocking the Cemetery Mansion quest.

Inside the tomb, the Hero can find one of the Divinity Gems, the Stone of Myr'Bregothil.

Prior to reaching the prize though, the Hero must battle through numerous Hollow Men, and activate various Flit Switches to reveal invisible bridges to reach the end.

The Hero can also hear the sound of a taunting Gargoyle somewhere within the depths of the crypt.


  • The Shelley Crypt may have a connection to The Knights Abberant as there are similar suits of armor found within it's depths.
  • Shelley Crypt is also a reference to Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, as is the Love Hurts quest where Victor( ref. to Victor Frankenstein) tries to resurect the dead with a machine.

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