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Southcliff is an area in Albion that existed during the "A Hero's Tale" time period. It has a Castle and a Duke, who was a White Balverine. It could possibly be related to Westcliff in some way. The Hero of Southcliff came from here. It was said to be a stone throw away from Bowerstone. It appears to be a large city comparable to Bowerstone evident by the Port, Church, and Castle there. It is ruled by a Duke. It might be the sister city of Westcliff due to similar names.

Trivia Modifier

  • This location has not been seen in the games and only in the A Hero's Tale story.
  • It is possible that the farm that Sparrow and Rose live on in the 'A Perfect World' Quest is located in or near Southcliff as it can only be seen in said quest.

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