Thag's cabin is the cabin of Thag, the bandit leader, in Fable II. It is located off the Bowerstone road, on the way from Bower Lake to Bowerstone. Inside can be found a Grubby Journal, a bag containing 1 gold piece and a chest containing a key to the slave cage and some rancid beef jerky.

Purchase Modifier

After defeating Thag during The Birth of a Hero, it is possible to purchase his cabin. The Base Value is 5,500 gold, making it the most expensive property in the Bower Lake region. Purchasing the cabin halts the spawn of the ambush on path leading to the cabin, and the bandits in the immediate area around the cabin.

Stats Modifier

Base value: 5,500 gold
Stars: two stars
Address: 1 Bower Lake Bandit Camp
History: The home of the notorious Thag the Impatient, a bandit who has long terrorized the residents of Bower Lake. It is said his mummy never loved him.

Trivia Modifier

  • If you rent out this property, no one will move in and you will get no money from it.
  • Sometimes when you buy Thag's Cabin bandits will still spawn.

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