The Arid Sea
Demon Door Realm
Location Information

The Arid Sea is a realm of Albion accessible through the Bower Lake Demon Door.

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The Demon Door claims to be a great playwright, and the play the Hero enacts is meant to be his last piece, which he claims to employ a genius use of the seven act structure. Despite the doors claim that it is his last play, before he opens, he claims to start writing a sequel.

In order for the Demon Door to open, the Hero must perform a series of expressions in a specific order. The Demon Door will tell a short story, and the Hero must perform the right expression as the Demon Door utters the line. The expressions are as follows: Laugh, Fart, Point & Laugh, Middle Finger, Vulgar Thrust, Growl, Bloodlust Roar, Worship, Dance and Blow Kiss.

When the Hero passes through the door, they come upon a large desert, with whipping winds, and shipwrecks among the sand. It is like Davy Jones' Locker from Pirates of the Caribbean. A few barrels and crates are strewn about, and a single dead tree hangs above the entrance back to Bower Lake. (Note: this may be a reference to the new region "Aurora" in Fable III

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Modèle:Demon Doors

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