The House of Might is a property in Bowerstone Old Town in Fable II, located at the north entrance by the rookridge road.

Stats Modifier

Base value: 2450 Gold
Stars: one star
Address: 1 Cemetary Road, Bowerstone Old Town
History: This is where Bonnet the Mighty lived before his untimely death. Know for his prodigious strength. Bonnet used to invite people to punch him in the stomach as hard as they could, always able to withstand even the strongest blows. His career came to an end when one member of the public hit him while wearing a metal glove spiked with poisoned needles.
Bonuses: Bodybuilder, Health Penalty

Furniture Modifier

Broken Double Bed
Broken Desk Table (around 10)
Broken Closet x2
Broken Dresser
Broken Dining Table
Broken Stove


  • Depending on who the hero gives the arrest warrents to at the start of the game, (as a child), the quality of the furniture may vary.
  • There is a chest located on the balcony of the property.

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