The Lucky Heather is a tavern located in Rookridge, located on a hill in close proximity to the Hobbe Cave. Access to The Lucky Heather is restricted until the Hero completes the quest A Bridge Too Far.

The Lucky Heather also features prominently in Something Rotten. In this quest, the Hero must help the Joseph the Barman discover why the water has gone rancid. Completing this quest will result in you being able to buy the tavern.

Because Dash and his Bandits owned the Tavern at the start, the tavern's business probably wasn't so Lucky.

Stats Modifier

Base value: 2,500 gold
Stars: one star
Address: Rookridge
History: One of the oldest inns in Albion, its popularity and longevity is down to the extraordinary freshness of its beverages, which are made using waterfall water.


  • Hammer will be waiting for the Hero here after returning from the spire.
  • There is a chest in the upstairs storeroom.

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