The Sanctum
Demon Door Realm
Location Information

The Sanctum is a realm of Albion accessible by entering through the Fairfax Gardens Demon Door.

Description Modifier

This Demon Door is located in a courtyard found under the steps to Fairfax Castle.

The door claims to be the very first Demon Door ever made; however, the Primal Demon Door in Lookout Point is also said to be the first ever made, during the fall of the Old Kingdom. The Fairfax door also claims he has never opened for anyone, and never will. He mentions that he was made by the first Archon, and that both Scythe, and Jack of Blades had tried to gain access to the realm beyond, but were unsuccessful.

It gives clues as to how to open it by saying things about other doors and encouraging the hero to open them.

In order to gain entry, the Hero must open all other Demon Doors in Albion. Upon doing so, the Fairfax Door proclaims that he is truly eternal, the last unopened Demon Door, and is also very... alone. He realizes that now he is left without peer, and decides to join the rest of the doors (hinting that the door's consciousness goes somewhere after they open) and unwittingly opens himself for the Hero.

A beautiful forest of bushes, trees and growth can be found within the realm of the Sanctum. As the name suggests, it is a serene retreat, or hideout, similar to that of Serenity Farm. You are not able to pull out sword, gun or use Will. Deep within, the Hero can find a chest containing 50,000 gold. There is also small column in a clearing where the Hero can find a poem called Marcus's Poem.

After unlocking this Demon Door an achievement is unlocked. Modèle:Demon Doors

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