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18px Cet article parle de the 5-star tavern named The Sandgoose. Pour the mythical creature Sandgoose, voir Sandgoose.

The Sandgoose is a tavern in Fable II located in Oakfield. It is a two story building with two barmen and two bedrooms. You are able to fast travel directly to it. It is where you meet Barnum for the second time. It is the only shop in Oakfield as all other 'shops' are just stalls if you don't count the carrage driver.

Stats Modifier

Base Value: 36,000 gold
Stars: five stars
Address: 1 Riverside Road
History: Where the people of Oakfield go to refresh themselves after a hard day's work farming the land. They also come here to get drunk, of course.

Notes Modifier

  • The Inn is named after the mythical creature spoken of in Fable and Fable: TLC.
  • A message during the loading screen makes a joke, saying that "The Sandgoose is real and can be found in Oakfield. It sells lovely ale".

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