The Vault
Demon Door Realm
Location Information

The Vault is a realm of Albion that is accessible through the Westcliff Demon Door.

Description Modifier

The Demon Door seems to be of a darker quality than the other Demon Doors. Thus, it's opening requirements are that the Hero must be 75% or more corrupt. This can be difficult for the Hero that has chosen righteousness.

Upon entering the realm, the Hero can see that The Vault is a nothing more than a folly built by a mad King, long ago. Here, the Hero can see it was once part of a large underground city. Time and rising magma levels has led to the destruction and ruin of the city.

This realm also reuses the the Chamber of Fate model, however the four doors around the edge that cannot be reached on any version of this model have water flowing from them.

  • Buy and use cosmetic potions from Knothole Island, as they lower your purity.
  • Meat and alcohol products have the same effect, but the amount of corruption gained is quite small.
  • An easy and simple way to increase your corruption is to simply go to an area with shops/homes (Bowerstone Market is best) that you own or are renting out and increase rent to maximum, this can be +100% rent for homes and +60% for businesses, and just wait 30 mins. Your corruption will shoot up to at least 75%. Lowering prices will reverse the process and make you more pure.

Obtainable Items Modifier

Modèle:Demon Doors

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