Tomb of Heroes
Tomb in Bower Lake
Location Information
Quêtes présentes Rescuing Charlie
Ennemis Hollow Men

The Tomb of Heroes is a tomb located in Bower Lake. It's entrance is only revealed after the Hero of Bowerstone returns from The Spire, since before this, it is found under a small lake. You enter this tomb during the Rescuing Charlie side-quest. There are two chambers, each separated by a short hallway. It goes Entrance - Hallway - Chamber 1 - Hallway - Chamber 2. The first one has a pool of water in the middle and a chest. The second chamber is where Charlie is located. There is also a gargoyle on the archway into the second chamber. You will hear him when you get close to the arch. Right when you enter the second chamber, turn left and open the chest in the corner. On the right of Charlie, behind a pillar, is a Silver Key.

Since the door closes immediately after entering, you must help (or kill) Charlie and defeat a seemingly endless army of Hollow Men in order for the entrance to re-open. A side door on the right side of the first chamber is now open and it leads to another chest.

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