Twinblade's Tomb
Tomb in Wraithmarsh
Location Information
Quêtes présentes Love Hurts
Ennemis Hobbes
Hollow Men

Located in Wraithmarsh, this is where Twinblade was buried. It is filled with swarms of Hollow Men and is also part of the quest Love Hurts.

The dungeon has a few silver keys and one treasure chest behind a wall that can be broken down with a melee weapon. The location has some puzzles however they are extremely simple, such as hitting a target and performing an expression for a statue. Make sure to bring lots of health potions or resurrection phials and possibly equip an item with the Righteous Violence augment, like the Rising Sun.

Points of Interest Modifier

There are three silver keys, and one Gargoyle associated with this Tomb, you can find the Gargoyle, and two silver keys inside the tomb, while the third is just outside the exit of the tomb, and isn't accessible until you do the Love Hurts quest. The Chicken expression statue is also inside this tomb, and is needed to open a door.

  • The Gargoyle can be found in the main chamber of Twinblade's Tomb, you have to enter the chamber, and the Gargoyle is located above the doorway inside.
  • Silver Key One can be found in Twinblades main chamber, it is to the right of the sarcophagus, and to the left of the coffin that holds Lady Grey's Upper Body.
  • Silver Key Two can be found in the same room as key one, it is inside the sarcophagus, just to the left of the first silver key, and directly in front of where the Gargoyle was situated.
  • Silver Key Three will be directly in front of you when you leave Twinblade's Tomb. You can't miss it.
Note: These Gargoyles and silver keys are listed as a part of the total in the greater Wraithmarsh area. There are three keys, and one Gargoyle that directly correspond to you gaining access to this tomb, but for the greater Wraithmarsh area, there are a total of six silver keys, and six gargoyles.

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