The Unnamed House is a house in Westcliff in Fable II. It seems to be data that was only partially programmed in the game. Located near Wilbur, the guy who gives you the quest Westcliff Shooting Range, it only has a till and a set of Drawers in. It is classed as a house but has no bed.

Stats Modifier

Base value: 1,000 gold
Stars: one star

Furniture Modifier

Trivia Modifier

  • The house may have been programmed to act as Wilbur's base as there is a till to keep the money from the shooting range. The programmers may not have meant to have put the sign in to buy the property.
  • This house's base value could mean that every house and shop in Fable II has a default base value of 1,000 gold until changed by the creators.
  • You can still set this as your Marital Home although your spouse will be sick of it after a very short period of time.
  • If you save the game trying to save your marriage with someone and this house is your marital house, the card for your hero in the save files screen will display the text: 'SAVE_CONTEXT_FAMILY_SAVEMARRIAGE'.
  • You can only buy the house after the Westcliff Development quest.

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