Witches and Witchcraft are referenced during Fable II a lot. Traits associated with witches are very much as they are in the real world, witches ride broomsticks, mix potions and associate with monsters. The monsters in question are Hobbes, children seduced by dark spirits and turned into ugly, stupid and violent creatures. Murgo claims to sell broomsticks made by "expert" witches. Witchcraft seems to be an alternative term for Will, as the old ways of Heroes have been forgotten so perhaps modern, an example of this is such as when fighting guards and using Will they will yell "Witchcraft!". Witchcraft is seen as negative force and an organisation called the Witchspotters was present in Albion who where devoted to stopping witches. They were the group who tried and executed Lady Grey for witchcraft, as is revealed in Love Hurts. Before the events of Fable II the Witchspotters disbanded. Witchcraft is still seen as negative and many people have bounties placed on their heads by their neighbours if they are suspected if witchcraft. The only known witch who was certainly a magic user was Vipress, a beautiful warrior-witch who owned a mace called the Calavera.

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